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Human Service - Our Motto and Guiding Principle
Our Motto, Human Service

"Human Service" and Acacia have practically become synonymous with one another over the years. From blood drives to year-long campaigns, each chapter of the fraternity is free to pursue its own philanthropic vision and beneficiaries.

Shriners Hospitals

In 1978, Acacia named the Shriners Hospitals (which specialize in pediatric burn care) as our national human service project. These hospitals — located in Boston, MA; Cincinnati, OH; Galveston, TX; and Sacramento, CA — treat children with acute, fresh burns; children needing reconstructive or restorative surgery as a result of "healed" burns; children with severe scarring resulting in contractures or interference with mobility of the limbs; and children with scarring and deformity of the face. All care provided by Shriners Hospitals is done so free of charge, and no child is turned away.

Recognizing the lack of medical expertise in the burn care field, the Shrine of North America originated this area of specialty in the 1960s with the three-fold purpose of treating severely burned children, conducting research and improving methods of burn treatment, and training and educating medical personnel in the care and treatment of burn injuries. Shriners Hospitals remain pioneers in burn treatment and provide excellent medical care to severely burned children. These institutes are actively involved in research, and many of the advances in burn care have been the result of Shriners Hospitals investigations.

Since the Shriners Hospitals first opened, the survival rate for children with burns over 50 percent of their total body surface area has doubled. Today, these specialized hospitals are saving the lives of children with burns over more than 90 percent of their total body surface area. This impressive survival rate has been achieved through today's improved surgical procedures, medical technology and the coordinated efforts of many hospital staff members.


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